Capacity Building

Our advisors are able to run virtual and in-person training and masterclass sessions for government officials, private sector actors, and individuals. Trainings cover a broad range of topics that are linked to economic development and prosperity - on the collective or individual level. We particularly offer trainings in policy research, writing, and advocacy.

Our capacity building initiatives are designed to foster innovation, inspire change, and drive sustainable growth. From masterclasses and interactive training sessions to hands-on workshops, we provide a range of opportunities to broaden your horizons. Whether you’re looking to refine your policy writing skills, enhance your understanding of trade and inequality, or develop critical thinking abilities, our comprehensive programs are tailored to equip you with the tools needed for success.

What we’ve done

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Masterclass – Writing Policy Articles

Over 100 participants joined us via Zoom and YouTube for an immersive session led by Teniola Tayo, a seasoned policy analyst and writer. Attendees dove into the intricacies of crafting persuasive, impactful policy articles, exploring everything from the importance of policy writing to the key elements that make a policy article effective.

June 24, 2023

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Social Media 101 – for Government Agencies

Aloinett Advisors facilitated a workshop on social media for strategic communication for the Bureau of Public Service Reforms in Abuja, Nigeria. Around ten public servants benefited from the training with the objective of improving the BPSR’s ability to communicate with its target audience. The training was offered pro bono and was a direct outcome of a visit between Aloinett Advisors and the BPSR.

March 16, 2023

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Trade and Inequality in Africa: The Problem or the Solution?

This virtual workshop session by the GIZ Inequalities Institute gathered a diverse group of African and Asian policymakers for a discussion on trade and inequality. The  event navigated through the complexities of African development, trade, and inequality, using the ‘Dangote Story’ as a frame of reference. The session also spotlighted the AfCFTA’s role and its potential influence on trade and inequality. Attendees enriched their understanding of effective policy measures to combat trade inequality and discussed future strategies, emphasising trade as a tool to address rather than exacerbate inequality.

November 24, 2022

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Critical Thinking: Coherence and logic in journalistic reporting

This in-person training was delivered to staff of The Cable Foundation in Lagos, Nigeria. It covered topics such as: Introduction to critical thinking, the Socratic method, logic & nuance, positionality & bias as well as fallacies.

June 9, 2022

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Using Research for Critical Thinking and Analysis in Journalism

This virtual training session was delivered as part of the weekend masterclass series for journalists by the International Centre for Investigative Reporting. The interactive event, attended by a diverse group of professionals, dove deep into the essence of critical thinking, its relevance to journalistic practices, and the role of research in honing these skills. The training also shed light on the essential role of research in strengthening critical thinking capabilities. Attendees learned how robust research methods contribute to more nuanced understanding, richer insights, and well-rounded stories.

February 19, 2022

We can deliver trainings on a wide range of topics

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